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Futurist Artist Cory Jespersen

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A big part of creating the future is being able to visualize it, to draw it and illustrate what it might look and feel like. We need artists (we also need to be artists) to create the future.

In this post, I’d like to showcase the work of futurist artist Cory Jespersen.

Some background: I used to work at the big-box retailer PetSmart several years back, first as an Associate Creative Director, then as a Senior Marketing Manager. I hired and worked with some incredible people at PetSmart, including designer and artist Cory Jespersen.

I remember looking at Cory’s portfolio in the hiring interview. He had some good retail design work and also some weird fantasy and sci-fi sketches and paintings, the kind of stuff that might turn off some corporate creative directors.

But me, I thought, awesome. I hired Cory and he was indeed awesome. He still is.

Cory has developed his futuristic art chops since that time, and with his permission, I’d like to share some of his work. It’s wonderful, imaginative stuff, so check it out:

Also, visit Cory’s site at Great work. Keep it up, Cory!

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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