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Announcing The Confluence Project

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If you’ve followed this blog, you’re aware that one of my persistent interests lies quite simply in how emerging technologies impact societies and the lives of individuals. Specifically, as humans become more technologically enhanced, and technology becomes more and more intelligent — in short, as humans and technology converge — everything about the human experience could be in for potentially radical change. Everything from ecology to economics to biology to consciousness.

This coming together of humans and technology is what my friend and colleague Tery Spataro has long called confluence. Tery and I have been discussing confluence for over a year now, and it seems to us that the most pressing questions regarding the future radiate from the confluence of humans and tech. Confluence became the touchstone for our thinking about the future, and we are very interested in engaging others on the topic.

So, we are pleased to announce that we have launched what we are calling The Confluence Project. The Confluence Project asks questions of the purpose of new technologies, the impact these technologies will have on humanity, the environment, society, and more. What is happening? What does it mean? What can we do about it?

Here is a slideshow/video about the Confluence idea:

We have launched a web site at The Confluence Project is on facebook and twitter too.

With The Confluence Project web site, we aim to present a set of discussions, in video, text and audio, and through a full-length documentary about the confluence of man and machine. Our objective is to engage experts from a wide range of disciplines, and people from all walks of life, in thinking and talking about the the potentially disruptive technologies emerging out of robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, biotech and automation. These technologies are gestating in early stage development around the world. Some of these technologies have already been deployed commercially and are affecting our lives today.

Additionally, we are facilitating monthly discussion meetups in the Phoenix area, which we are calling “Sushi and the Singularity.” If you’re interested in joining us for raw fish and the future, RSVP here.

Finally, The Confluence Project is a not-for-profit volunteer effort dedicated to exploration and education, discussion and deliberation. We have no specific agendas or preconceived notions. Our fondest hope is to facilitate a collective, decentralized meditation on the human-tech future.

We invite you to visit the site and join in the conversation by contributing ideas, reflections, funds, or whatever else helps us collectively explore what it all means.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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