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Melanie Swan on Nanomedicine and Cognitive Enhancement

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Here is a great slide presentation from futurist Melanie Swan on the topic of Nanomedicine and Cognitive Enhancement. Melanie recently presented this content at The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics in Los Angeles.

To quote from Melanie’s abstract, “this presentation considers the philosophical implications of current neuroscience advance. The brain is the final frontier, and thinking, cognition, emotion, and consciousness remain some of the most important unsolved mysteries. It is still unknown how ideas are actually represented in the brain. The fast pace of scientific advance in neuroscience is prompting the consideration of these kinds of questions involving personal identity, human potential, and societal coordination, and how we might eventually transition to a future of radically augmented post-biological entities and multi-species intelligence.”

The prospect of being able to chemically self-manage creativity, memory, sociality, attention and more is ultimately exciting, but nanomedicine promises more than dial-a-mood pharmacology; the possibility of overcoming serious biological or psychological impediments to one’s self-actualization could make a difference in millions of lives. It will be fascinating to see how these technologies develop.

Melanie Swan is a science and technology innovator and philosopher at the MS Futures Group. She is the founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies. She founded the participatory medicine research organization DIYgenomics in 2010. Ms. Swan’s educational background includes an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a BA in French and Economics from Georgetown University, and recent coursework in philosophy in the Contemporary Continental Philosophy MA Program at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University London and Université Paris 8, and in biology, nanotechnology, physics, and computer science. She is a faculty member at Singularity University and the University of the Commons, an Affiliate Scholar at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and a contributor to the Edge’s Annual Essay Question.

For more on Melanie, visit her web site.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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