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Tom Lombardo’s “Science Fiction: The Mythology of the Future”

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My friend, the futurist Tom Lombardo, of The Center for Future Consciousness, has just released a three-part video series titled “Science Fiction: The Mythology of the Future.” Like most people interested in “The Future,” I’ve always been a big science fiction reader and find that the best of the genre represents the richest exploration of what we might create, discover and become (for good or ill).

Tom’s video series builds upon a chapter on the same topic from his book Contemporary Futurist Thought. I encourage anyone who is interested in future studies to check out Tom’s web site and his published work, including his book The Evolution of Future Consciousness.

Anyway, presented with the permission of the author, here is Tom’s video series in three parts. Enjoy!

About Tom — 
Tom Lombardo, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Center for Future Consciousness in Scottsdale, Arizona and a national and internationally recognized researcher, writer, and speaker on the future. Tom is also an award-winning teacher and educator with over thirty-five years of professional experience. In the spring of 2009, Dr. Lombardo was selected as the “Educator of the Quarter” by the international futurist magazine FUTUREtakes. In addition, Tom serves as an Editorial Board Member of the international Journal of Futures Studies. He is also a professional member of the World Future Society and World Futures Studies Federation. He is one of the key developers of the WFSF Pedagogical Resources in Futures Studies.

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