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Futuristic Habitation Concept: Bio-Dome

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Thinking about the future and about habitations in the future, I always liked the idea of the bio-dome, so I sketched one up. Imagine a dome-shaped Biosphere 2 that you could construct on a polluted earth, or even another planet. My concept here is a closed, domed, hothouse kind of system that could produce its own vegetation, conserve water and atmosphere, and support human life.

Here is my diagrammatic concept:

This concept involves a dense, protective base, coupled with a two-ply sealed dome, supporting vegetation, farming, air, water and all kinds of life. There is a water reservoir at the base and soil in a circular ring, where oxygen-producing plants would grow and humans could live in a jungly paradise. The central column supports the dome and houses all the machinery that would keep the overall life support system working in equilibrium. There is even a suspended farming area.

For further visualization, my friend Cory Jespersen, whose art I featured previously, provided me with an illustrated interpretation, in an advanced state perhaps:

We don’t have any of the necessary engineering down here, but it’s pretty cool stuff, don’t you think?

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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