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Mars One: A Private Mars Colony Project

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As governments withdraw funding from space exploration, private enterprises have been popping up around the world to fill the gap. From the X Prize to Virgin Galactic, significant strides have been made in private sector aerospace, and for better or worse, it seems our interplanetary future belongs not to governments but to corporations and plucky space startups. 

After all, the future always already belongs to the visionaries, and the vision is coming from private enterprise.

Consider this Dutch Mars-colonization project from Mars One:

What a great video, and what a great concept. Whatever the project’s feasibility, which this BBC story questions, Mars One is talking about a permanent settlement, funded through the spectacle of media, with settlers for life, who never return to earth.

That’s visionary, that’s going all-in. That’s what the future needs.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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