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Help Build The Museum of Science Fiction

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If you’re a science fiction fan — and who among us “futurists” isn’t — here’s a great project that is worth your support: The Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, DC. MOSF is an established non-profit, led by a talented team of driven people, and sponsored by several high-profile organizations. While the Museum isn’t open yet, I have been helping out the MOSF team, and the energy and momentum behind the plan is impressive.

Here’s an overview in video form:

And here’s a current overview of the MOSF planning in text form:

“We are unified by a shared vision. We want to build a museum, an experience that does justice to the breadth and richness of science fiction history, where we preserve that history in perpetuity and inspire visitors to embrace the genre and its ideas. As a first step, we are developing a 3,000-square-foot preview museum where we can test exhibit concepts and new interactive technologies to share a real-time look into this grassroots effort. We have begun our site selection process. We expect to open the full-scale facility within 24 to 36 months.”

As much as Science Fiction inspires interest in STEM topics, it also inspires us to think about and imagine the future. As many futurists will agree, SciFi is a form of narrative scenario planning that provides us all with metaphors and possible-world gestalts, and thereby helps us think through the consequences of our present actions, so that we can perhaps ultimately shape the future.

And shaping the future often involves building desirable future institutions, so I encourage you to help out and become a member, or give the gift of membership to the SciFi fan in your life. Join here.

It’s a 501c(3), so your contribution is tax-deductible.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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One thought on “Help Build The Museum of Science Fiction

  1. What a neat project! Right up our alley of course. Look forward to learning more.

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