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Emerge 2014: Carnival of the Future, Friday March 7

If you’re in the Phoenix area this Friday, March 7, 2014, join Arizona State University’s Emerge 2014: Carnival of the Future. The event will be held in Downtown Phoenix, at the corner of 3rd Street and Garfield, from 4pm to 11pm.

To quote the Emerge web site, this Carnival of the Future will be “a radically creative, playful and challenging approach to the future world we actually want to make. It will feature massively public, evening-long adventures under a big tent showcasing cutting-edge performance and swarming, flying technology along with incisive visions of the future that obliterate the traditional boundaries between engineering, arts, sciences and humanities.”

The focus of the event will be The Future of Me. Here’s a video all about it:

If you’re interested in attending, RSVP here. The event is free and should be insightful, inspirational and entertaining. I will personally be there helping out, so be sure to say hello.

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Happy Future Day 2014

Today, March 1, 2014, is Future Day. So Happy Future Day!

Future Day is a day to celebrate the visionary efforts of countless human beings, past, present and future, to think, imagine, and create a better future. Here’s an inspirational quote from Natasha Vita-More, Co-Editor of The Transhumanist Reader, on Future Day as an opportunity for global reflection:

Future Day is a day for imagination and a day to remember the triumphs of the past, the works in progress, and the potential for the future. It is also a day to challenge ourselves, our communities, our governmental structures, our international organizations, and our global sensibility. It is a day for each person to reflect upon his or her own micro condition and the macro condition of the world. Let us grow neuromolecular wings for deeper perceptions in our flight in conquering disease and fostering a world of diversity and compassion.

Visit the Future Day web site for more information and inspiration, including great suggestions on how to spend the day. Enjoy!