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Hack 2050: A Science Fiction Future Series in Development

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Here’s a great futurist project in development: Hack 2050.

To quote the site:

Hack 2050 is a new “Mixed-Reality” YouTube web series that combines a science fiction backstory about Seti Speaks, a time traveling AI augmented transhuman Anthrovideologist, with a documentary style news show about the thought leaders, ideas, and issues behind the innovations and science that are leading humanity towards a technological singularity.

Episode topics will include AI, Quantum Computing, Genetics/Genomics, Machine Learning, Time Travel, Robotics, Transhumansim, Posthumanism, Brain Interfaces, Synthetic Biology, Universal Basic Income, Biohacking, Mind Uploading, Human Consciousness, Immortality, Super Intelligence, Crypto Currency and Blockchain, Swarm Intelligence, Government, Economics, Religion and ethics.

The project is led by a great team of writers, and I will be helping out with some futures/foresight input. A side part of the project is that we will be conducting, in conjunction with the Arizona chapter of the World Future Society, a series of foresight workshops to map out possible futures associated with the key technologies and issues features in the Hack 2050 narrative. If you’re interested in participating in the Hack 2050 Workshops, look for notifications on the WFS AZ meetup page. Our first workshop will take place in September and cover transhumanism.

Hack 2050 is an exciting fusion of sci-fi and foresight. I will provide further updates here as the project develops. If you’re interested in contributing in any way to the project, contact the team here.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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