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Roboxotica 2012: A Cocktail Robotics Festival, December 6-9

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My last post on human-machine symbiosis made the point that maybe we, as human beings, are starting to get more and more accustomed to having machines in our lives. That post also touched upon the more sophisticated and natural roles human-like (and increasingly smart) machines are beginning to play in servicing human needs, particularly around things like food and drink.

It turns out, believe it or not, that there’s a festival for human-machine symbiosis, food, and drink. Roboxotica 2012, which takes place in Vienna, Austria, this weekend (December 6-9, 2012) seems to be just that — an awesome social event dedicated to what the organizers call “cocktail robotics.”

Click on the image below for more information:

According to the official festival website, this event celebrates our silicon servants and computer-controlled companions:

“As robots have a growing number of different applications, the cases that involve interaction with an end-user are also growing. Progresses in the development of service-robots in the service of households and the elderly and also culinary proofs of concept, during the first decade of a new millenium, have been very promising.”

So it’s a celebration of service robots, and I’m delighted such an event exists, but I’m bummed I can’t be there. If you can’t be in Vienna this weekend either, please join me in a virtual toast to the service machines.


Author: Eric Kingsbury

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