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Node 137A: A Free Science Fiction eBook

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Here’s a science fiction story I just wrote and made into an eBook. It’s in .pdf format, and I’m making it available free for download and sharing.

Node 137A is a longish short story (or shortish novella) set about 20-30 years in the future. It tells the story of an engineer who works with automated security grids, future police systems that monitor and control entire cities. In the process of upgrading an old security grid in Johannesburg, South Africa, he inadvertently triggers the emergence of The Singularity, i.e., artificial intelligence.

Click on the image below to view or download.

If you read it, I hope you enjoy. And if you enjoy, I hope you’ll share and maybe leave me a comment saying you liked it.

WARNING: This story contains profanity, plus some rather speculative computer science, either of which might offend some sensibilities.


Author: Eric Kingsbury

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