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Will You Upload Your Mind?

Here is part two of Dr. Ken Hayworth’s discussion of preserving your brain. Part one was posted previously here.

As Hayworth discusses in the video, he is working on the technology to upload your brain.

Would you do it, if you could?

Find out more about Hayworth’s work at the Brain Preservation Foundation.

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Will You Preserve Your Brain?

Will you preserve your brain? If so, upon “revival,” will you live again? Will you still be you? Fascinating questions.

Here’s one researcher who’s really thinking about brain preservation and who believes you should think about it too.

Meet Dr. Ken Hayworth:

A self-described transhumanist and President of the Brain Preservation Foundation, Hayworth’s goal is to perfect existing preservation techniques, like cryonics, as well as explore and push evolving opportunities to effect a change on the status quo. Currently there is no brain preservation option that offers systematic, scientific evidence as to how much human brain tissue is actually preserved when undergoing today’s experimental preservation methods.

Additionally, Hayworth’s organization is offering a kind of X Prize for brain preservation: a cash prize of $100,000 “for the first individual or team to rigorously demonstrate a surgical technique capable of inexpensively and completely preserving an entire human brain for long-term (>100 years) storage with such fidelity that the structure of every neuronal process and every synaptic connection remains intact and traceable using today’s electron microscopic (EM) imaging techniques.”

Pretty amazing stuff. How long will it be before we get our answers?