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The BBC’s Machine Minds Infographic

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Sharing this interesting infographic from BBC Future.

I love the thinking and graphics here, all kudos and credit to iibstudio. I also love the potential pitfalls and “worry,” all of which I agree are a concern. But maybe I’ve read too much science fiction and talked to many wild-eyed innovators, but I’m not sure the “far-fetched” items here are really so far-fetched.

And the Processing Power vs. People Skills bit at the end is good, but how long will it be true? Certainly social robots are developing those people skills too.

As popular support, Business Insider put out this video on the rise of social robotics last year.

BBC Future published this slightly cautionary piece on social robotics last year as well.

Finally, are the “science fiction” items in the infographic above going to stay fiction much longer?

That’s definitely one of the key questions for me.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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