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Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction

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Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction is a newly released digital book of speculative fiction that, as the title suggests, explores some of the near-future impacts of climate change. To quote the Foreward by Kim Stanley Robinson, “This book collects a number of new and exciting stories about things that will be happening soon, as people try to adapt to a changing climate and its impacts on our biosphere.”

The title Everything Change is drawn from a quote by Margaret Atwood.

Here is the Table of Contents of the collection:

  • Kim Stanley Robinson, Foreword
  • Manjana Milkoreit, Meredith Martinez, and Joey Eschrich, Editors’ Introduction
  • Adam Flynn and Andrew Dana Hudson, “Sunshine State”
  • Kelly Cowley, “Shrinking Sinking Land”
  • Matthew S. Henry, “Victor and the Fish”
  • Ashley Bevilacqua Anglin, “Acqua Alta”
  • Daniel Thron, “The Grandchild Paradox”
  • Kathryn Blume, “Wonder of the World”
  • Stirling Davenport, “Masks”
  • Diana Rose Harper, “Thirteenth Year”
  • Henrietta Hartl, “LOSD and Fount”
  • Shauna O’Meara, “On Darwin Tides”
  • Lindsay Redifer, “Standing Still”
  • Yakos Spiliotopoulos, “Into the Storm”
  • Ed Finn, “Praying for Rain: An Interview with Paolo Bacigalupi”

This fabulous collection of work is a product of the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative at Arizona State University and is available as a free download in multiple formats here.

More great futures work from ASU!

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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