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Two Awesome Hoverbikes

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I was eight years old when the original Star Wars film hit the theaters. Begged my parents to take me. Waited in line. Loved it. Wanted a light sabre. Didn’t understand why they hadn’t been invented yet.

I also wanted a Landspeeder, which presumably utilized some kind of anti-gravity. And while there’s no anti-gravity propulsion still, there are increasingly powerful fans. And they can be used to power hovercraft!

Here are two awesome hoverbikes.

First, this one from Aerofex in California:

Read the story on the Aerofex bike here.

Finally, this one from Australian inventor Chris Malloy:Click on the image above (courtesy of to read the full story and see the great photo gallery.

A lot of development left to do here, apparently, but great design and innovation.

Three final words: I want one.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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