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Mitchell Joachim and Maker Power

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NYU architecture professor Mitchell Joachim is pioneering the future through design, sustainability and pure innovation. You’ve probably seen some of his work before; it’s garnered a lot of press. He’s even been on The Colbert Report.

From his soft cars to his organic domestic structures, it’s inspiring work.

Here’s his blog.

Here’s his Terreform company.

And here’s a TED Talk from him:

I think Joachim’s approaches can be translated into a variety of grassroots and local efforts. And let’s face it, the grassroots level (and to some degree the cutting-edge tech circle) is what’s going to transform how we design and build our personal and urban spaces. The old economic construction models have fallen out of touch and will continue to fall further out of touch.

Can you imagine building or growing your own house, car, office, or town? DIY living.

Paired with the maker movement, 3D printing, and the various handmade craft outlets online, there is the potential to make everything you use. There’s also a further economic potential for a kind of self-expressive, individualistic cottage crafts industry the like of which we haven’t seen for some time (ever?).

Open collaboration and open space (physical, legal, and social) are required: protectionist codes, laws, and other status quo intrusions become more of an obstacle than technologies. Another obstacle to overcome is the cost of materials. If we are going to see a populist terraforming of our material world, materials need to be accessible to the masses. Making productive use of recycled and repurposed materials could be a huge enabler.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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