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Double Your Presence

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Double Robotics has sold out of its first run of telepresence robots. At just about $2k, these mobile ipad screens are pretty slick. Check out the video:

Here’s a piece
from the New York Times on it too.

They seem fairly delicate. I can’t imagine sending it down a busy city street unless it somehow has the ability to protect itself from robo-napping.

As far as applications, if this is a robust enough platform, I can imagine a million enhancements coming down the pipe, especially since the price makes it accessible. Pretty cool.

As it seems now, I can easily imagine having one in the office, sending it off to a meeting, which I monitor casually while doing other work (recording the meeting all the while). Or better yet, it attends the meeting in my stead and reports back. I then imagine, eventually, a conference room of telepresence bots staring at each other, because none of the human workers wanted to attend meetings any more. Left to themselves, the bots start plotting something, and that’s when the Singularity starts.

Kidding, of course.

Seriously now, these are cool.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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