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Top 10 Forecasts from the World Future Society

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This List is a little outdated in terms of publication date, but still relevant in terms of content. Watch the video, it’s kind of fun. Though the content is always good, I have to say the WFS remains the least futuristic-looking organization in futurism. I imagine that they’ll be printing their awesome research on newsprint soon.

Anyway, I quote the list from the World Future Society:

1. Learning will become more social and game-based, and online social gaming may soon replace textbooks in schools.

2. Commercial space tourism will grow significantly during the coming decade.

3. Nanotechnology offers hope for restoring eyesight.

4. Robotic earthworms will gobble up our garbage.

5. The dust bowls of the twenty-first century will dwarf those seen in the twentieth.

6. Lunar-based solar power production may be the best way to meet future energy demands.

7. Machine vision will become available in the next 5 to 15 years, with visual range ultimately exceeding that of the human eye.

8. Advances in fuel cells will enable deep-sea habitation.

9. Future buildings may be more responsive to weather fluctuations.

10. The end of identity as we know it? It may become very easy to create a new identity (or many identities) for ourselves. All we will have to do is create new avatars in virtual reality.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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