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Robots will steal your job, but that’s OK

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Federico Pistono talks about his new book on the impending future:

Also, visit the book’s web site.

And the Singularity Hub interview.

His basic thesis is right, of course.

I quote from Federico’s book site:

“You are about to become obsolete. You think you are special, unique, and that whatever it is that you are doing is impossible to replace. You are wrong. As we speak, millions of algorithms created by computer scientists are frantically running on servers all over the world, with one sole purpose: do whatever humans can do, but better.

“That is the argument for a phenomenon called technological unemployment, one that is pervading modern society. But is that really the case? Or is it just a futuristic fantasy? What will become of us in the coming years, and what can we do to prevent a catastrophic collapse of society?

“Robots will steal your job, but that’s OK: how to survive the economic collapse and be happy explores the impact of technological advances have on our lives, what it means to be happy, and provides suggestions on how to avoid a systemic collapse and live happier.”

What he calls technological unemployment, most call structural unemployment, because it’s more than technology. It has to do with the entire model. I am eager to read the book and his conclusions.

Author: Eric Kingsbury

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